How do I sign up for and use the E-zekiel App? Print

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To sign up for the E-zekiel app you will just need to check the box for the app when you upgrade your trial site to a live package. The cost of the app is an additional $25 a month.

Once you have signed up for the E-zekiel App you will be able to manage the app from within your website's control panel. From within your site's control panel you will see a "Mobile" icon listed across the top between the "Support" icon and the "View Live Site" icon. After clicking the "Mobile" icon you will be able to manage your app. Within the app's management area you will be able to list the name of the church, insert your giving URL if you are using E-zekiel Giving, give a description of the church, and list the address of the church. You will also be able to choose some of the content that the app is pulling in by toggling on or off your event calendar, your giving page, and your news page. You can also toggle the app itself on or off.

To download the app to your mobile device you will just need to go into either the iTunes App Store or Google Play, depending on your mobile device, and search for the E-zekiel App. Once you have downloaded the app you can search for your church and choose it as your home church.

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