What can I do as an email administrator?

As email administrator you will be able to manage your own email accounts in the following ways:

  • Add new email accounts (up to your website package limit)
  • Add new email aliases (unlimited)
  • Change/reset email account passwords
  • Delete email accounts
  • In addition, you can also see the date of last login on each mailbox, set vacation messages, and view the amount of storage space each mailbox is currently using.

To have us set up an email administrator for your account, someone with administrator level access to the website should send an email request to Customer Support including the following information:

  • Request: A quick note requesting to have an email administrator account set up
  • Domain Name: yourdomain.com
  • Site ID: The 4- or 5-digit site ID number for your website (this will be the Administrative ID/user name for the email admin login)
  • Password: Supply us with a password containing a minimum of 7 characters (letters and/or numbers)

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